ATB national discounter network again selects MAN for solving its transportation tasks.” Blocked ATB’s national discounter network again selects MAN for solving its transportation problems.

Another contract was signed for the supply of 40 chassis and 10 truck tractors.

MAN’s cooperation with ATB began in 2011, when a dynamically developing company paid special attention to transport and logistics issues in order to serve the rapidly growing chain of stores. And in June 2016, the largest retailer in Ukraine received 50 brand new MAN trucks, bringing its own fleet of this brand to 276 units.

Another contract for the supply of 40 chassis and 10 truck tractors with semi-trailers refrigerated was signed in April of this year and transferred to Trans Logistic, a company that provides transportation needs in the ATB distribution network.

An innovation for this delivery was the sale of tractors with a two-year service contract, a new service introduced by MAN Truck & Bus Ukraine, the official importer of MAN in Ukraine.

“Now the operation of cars will be even easier for our client,” says Alexander Nefedov, director of AVANTI Group, as all the problems of maintenance and repair for two years lie completely on the official service network. And any issues related to the operation will be resolved as soon as possible without the need for client participation. This is very convenient for companies that manage large parks.

Including this service has become an argument in deciding during the preliminary tender selection.

During June, on the territory of the MAN dealership of the AVANTI Group in Kiev, preparation and transfer of trucks produced at the MAN factories in the Austrian Steyer and on the main conveyor of the company in Munich was carried out. New trucks will be involved in the delivery of products in all regions of Ukraine, where today ATB Corporation is represented, and currently it is more than 770 stores in 17 regions of our country.

In addition, in keeping with the times, in this delivery the company also took into account new requirements for permissible axle loads for public roads and localities introduced in Ukraine. It is important to note that logistics management at ATB Corporation is at the highest level and keeps up with the times, meeting the most advanced standards for processability and automation.

MAN drivers have long been familiar with the drivers of the company, so new cars will not have to be studied for a long time, but the best drivers of the company will traditionally get the right to drive “newbies”.