Electric van MAN eTGE – your new opportunities!

A unique product has appeared on the domestic market of light delivery vehicles – a MAN eTGE electric van. The first two cars were brought in by an official importer – MAN Truck and Bas Ukraine. These cars began to be produced back in July 2018 and during this time they have already been appreciated in Europe. Recently, the eTGE line has been supplemented by a cargo-passenger version of Combi with 8 seats.

What’s inside?

We have the opportunity to conduct a blitz test of a cargo van. In our case, MAN eTGE externally is distinguished by spectacular coloring in a blue and white design. The machine is standardly equipped with LED head optics. The presented car is designed for a gross weight of up to 3.5 tons, although a 4.25 tons option is also possible. The eTGE van is currently only available with a standard wheelbase and a high roof.

136 hp electric motor (290 Nm) MAN eTGE

Под капотом у машины расположен электромотор, который развивает максимальную мощность 100 кВт (136 л.с.) в широчайшем диапазоне оборотов – от 3300 до 11 700 в минуту. Двигатель питают литий-ионные батареи, интегрированные под пол грузового отсека. В итоге его полезный объем не пострадал – и составляет 10,7 м куб. А вот грузоподъемность из-за веса батарей снижена примерно на 500 кг – в нашем случае она составляет 969 кг, хотя на более тяжелой версии заявлена 1725 кг.

MAN eTGE 35.8 kWh batteries are under the floor

How many kilometers are enough batteries with a capacity of 35.8 kWh? The manufacturer claims a range of up to 173 km when measured using the NEDC methodology and 115 km when using WLTP. Actual mileage is from 120 to 140 km. And this is quite enough, since the average daily mileage of a van in the city ranges from 60 to 80 km.

Energy consumption, according to the same latest WLPT methodology, is 30.9 – 29.0 kWh per 100 km.

You can quickly charge the batteries at a station of 40 kW – in 45 minutes up to 80% of the capacity. For standard charging at a 7.2 kW station, up to 100% of capacity will take 5 hours 20 minutes. You can also use a regular 220 V outlet – in this case you will have to wait at least 9 hours. The batteries are covered by the company warranty – 8 years or 160 thousand km, which, in particular, provides for the preservation of at least 70% of the capacity during the specified period of operation.

No noise and no smell

Turn the key in the lock and … silence. The fact that the van is ready for movement is shown by the bright green “Ready” inscription on the instrument panel. The driver must be sure to fasten his seat belt – otherwise the car will not move. Comfort Plus chair helps to get comfortable in the workplace.

To start the movement, you need to put the selector of the automatic (single-stage) gearbox into Drive mode. Then do not forget to release the handbrake – here it is a traditional floor, and therefore you need to reach for it.

In practice, the motor is almost inaudible. On the go, the van impresses with its accelerating dynamics, because the maximum torque of 290 Nm is reached from the very bottom – from 0 to 3300 rpm. The maximum speed of the car is limited at around 90 km / h, which is more than enough for city driving.

Regeneration mode helps to recharge the battery while driving – it works automatically when you press the brake pedal, as well as when the accelerator is released. You can watch this process in a clear diagram on the 8-inch touchscreen monitor of the MAN Media Van Navigation multimedia system. From this display, you can activate various assistance systems for the driver: for example, Front Assist, which scans the space in front of the car, as well as Lane Assist to control movement in a given lane.

Note that the eTGE is standardly equipped with an emergency braking system EBA (Electronic Brake Assist), a system against crosswind Crosswind, an “assistant” against rollback when starting uphill – Hill Assist. In addition, there is a High Beam Assist system, which automatically changes the brightness of the main beam, which protects the drivers of oncoming cars from blinding.

In general, MAN eTGE pleasantly pleases with its rich level of equipment. There is a multi-function steering wheel, and climate control with separate temperature settings for the driver and passengers, and a windshield with electric heating.

So, we can draw the following conclusions. Among the main advantages of MAN eTGE, it is necessary to single out zero harmful emissions into the atmosphere, as well as low operating costs, because a car consumes an average of only 29 – 31 kWh per 100 km of run.

Source — https://www.autocentre.ua/