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Financing programs for trucks and buses MAN

With financial solutions from MAN, you can with maximum efficiency cover all issues in the purchase of trucks and buses MAN. And with an available insurance service, you are always protected and mobile throughout all Ukraine and Europe.

You are using our knowledge’s in this sector, from our many years’ experience with commercial vehicles and also from a reliable partnership with our strategic business partners. Find out more about our wide range of services.

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Sale MAN vehicles on credit

Many people think that it is quite rare to find a bank that provides such a service as a truck in credit. In fact, this is not so, just this type of lending is much less in demand, than, for example, the purchase of an apartment or a car. The purchase of MAN trucks on credit is mainly interesting for large or medium-sized companies engaged in business in the transport of goods. If you feel a great need to buy a truck in credit, then you can do it in several ways: you can take a truck in credit from the manufacturer, taking a loan from a bank or, by using leasing. Buying a car through a bank, you should apply to the bank’s loan officer and provide him with a package of documents needed to issue a truck in installments. As a rule, the bank will require from you standard documents about your financial and legal situation and also, a preliminary contract of sale for the truck you buy.

The procedure providing of bank credit is rather simple – when all necessary documents are collected, your application will be considered by the bank’s credit commission. If will be taken positive decision, for the car you purchase, you will need to pay an advance. As soon as you pay for the truck in installments part of its funds, to your account or, depending on the arrangement, to the account of the seller of the truck, left of funds will be transferred. This is the amount of the loan, which you must in a time repay.

It is important to take in account that the vehicle you purchase becomes a property of the bank, as collateral for securing a loan, unless otherwise provided in the terms of the contract. The disadvantage of a bank loan is a necessary in payment of the agreed amount of the down payment.  Almost every bank requires payment of an advance payment of about 10-30% of the total cost of the truck.

You can also purchase a vehicle on credit with the help of a credit program available from the supplier. In this case, the interest rate on the credit can be much lower than in banks but the down payment is still remaining. As a rule, lending through supplier does not differ from lending at the bank.

Leasing of MAN trucks and buses

Financing from Porsche Finance Group

Porsche Finance Group provides leasing since 1966. From this time it becomes leader in Austrian finance market in order to purchase vehicles. Material leasing is considered a priority financing option for the purchase of MAN trucks. The leasing firm chooses an acceptable variant of the interests of the Lessor and the Lessee.

In Ukraine Porsche Finance Group provides financial, operational leasing and lending services for Volkswagen, Audi, SEAT, Porsche and MAN, both for legal entities and individuals and is the leader in the market for car financing.

Besides, Porsche Finance Group offers to corporate clients services for fleet management and is an intermediary in the issuance of insurance policies for buyers of the above brands of cars.

Benefits of leasing:

  • Leasing means  100% financing and don’t require quick return of the total amount of debt;
  • When leasing, the issues of acquiring and financing assets are solved together;
  • Leasing increase lessee flexibility in decision-making. Whereas when buying there is only an alternative to “do not buy”, when leasing a lessee has a wider choice;
  • In view of the fact that leasing payments are carried out on a fixed schedule, the lessee has more opportunity to coordinate the costs of financing capital investments and proceeds from the sale of products;
  • In view of the fact that the subject of leasing, which is the property of the lessor, is considered part of the return of invested funds, It is easier to get a lease contract than an alternative loan to buy the same assets;
  • When leasing is used, the lessee can use more production capacity, than with the purchase of the same asset. Temporarily released financial resources the lessee can use for other purposes;
  • In the case of low profitability of the lease, the lessee can take advantage of repayable leasing, which makes it possible to obtain preferential income taxation;
  • Leasing allows a lessee who does not have significant financial resources start a major project.

Detailed information about current programs and services of Porsche Finance Group can be found on the official website: