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MAN Buses – a guarantee of quality and comfort

MAN bus transport is especially valued on the European market and is in absolute demand among drivers due to its exemplary German quality. Transport is characterized by long service life and safety for passengers. MAN bus of any series is, as a rule, unique design, ergonomics and reliability.

MAN bus: advantages

MAN has virtually no competitors on the commercial market. A-makers are always one step ahead of their potential rivals. Each new model is surprised by the presence of modern innovations, unique technologies in the field of safety, environmental friendliness and fuel economy.

In terms of profitability, there are also noticeable advantages. The MAN bus of a new generation is equipped with modernized air conditioners, which, in addition to increased efficiency, are light in weight. This affects the increase in vehicle productivity and reduced fuel consumption.

The MAN bus is a universal vehicle designed for various types of transportation. Passengers will feel completely safe in it, both on long journeys and when traveling within the city.

Buy bus MAN in Kiev

Sale of buses MAN in Ukraine is in full swing, as everyone understands that the transport of this production is a luxury product. In order to buy MAN bus in Ukraine on an official basis, without risking huge finances, you should use the services of a direct MAN dealer in our country – OOO AVANTI Group.

As an official distributor of MAN, our company offers the following services:

  1. Sale of buses MAN: tourist, international, urban, intercity;
  2. first-class service;
  3. sale of original spare parts from the manufacturer;
  4. financing promising domestic projects;
  5. sale of used vehicles;
  6. professional advice on the purchase of a truck, repair, maintenance, etc.
  7. Buy MAN bus on credit

Buy MAN bus on credit

The purchase of any transport involves considerable costs, especially when it comes to transport companies. AVANTI Group offers customers several financing options: credit or leasing. Before making the purchase and sale procedure by one of the revised methods, the client must provide documents proving his financial and legal status.

MAN Buses