MAN Bus Days: Innovation to perfection

MAN Truck & Bus AG demonstrated the full range of vehicles, including the new MAN Lion`s City city bus, as well as a wide range of services at the MAN Bus Days – 2018, which was held in Munich from March 15 to March 16.

– World premiere of MAN Lion’s City.

– Test drive the line of buses MAN and NEOPLAN.

– Presentations and presentations on the full range of MAN services and MAN Transport Solutions transport solutions.

This year, MAN Truck & Bus took on its MAN Bus Days forum up to 1,500 guests from around the world, including both customers and drivers and fans of the brand. From March 15 to March 16, 2018, exhibition visitors had the opportunity to get acquainted with the vehicles of the entire range of MAN and NEOPLAN brands, as well as to conduct a test drive. Undoubtedly, the world premiere of MAN Lion’s City city bus was one of the highlights. But the already well-known tourist bus NEOPLAN Cityliner attracted admiring glances: the bus body was decorated with a bright sticker made in the project Moving Art by a group of artists Klebebande from Berlin. Inside, visitors were greeted by a luxury salon in a special performance of the MAN Bus Modification Center. In the comfortable lounge area of ​​the bus, every passenger felt like a VIP. There is a microwave oven, a refrigerator, a dishwasher and a thermo box to provide meals to the passengers in the onboard kitchen.

The program is completed with speeches by experts. In addition to the products themselves, the subject of discussion will also be the numerous services offered by the manufacturer of commercial vehicles, including maintenance management, repair work, the provision of original parts and accessories, and financial services. As part of its own training program, MAN ProfiDrive® undergo refresher courses for drivers, contributing to improved safety and driving efficiency. In the area of ​​passenger transport, the main focus is on safety issues and improving the overall level of safety. Drivers who have completed MAN ProfiDrive® economical driving courses can save up to 10% of fuel thanks to a reasonable combination of driving skills, effective time management and cost-effective route planning.

A separate exhibition platform MAN was devoted to the development and implementation of alternative types of engines. The MAN Transport Solutions team of experts advised on any issues related to the transition from low-emission technologies to zero-emission technologies. The range of tasks assigned to qualified specialists, in addition to the car itself, also includes various issues related to infrastructure and energy demand, as well as the development of maintenance concepts and fleet calculations.

MAN Lion‘s City sets new standards
A fundamentally new generation of MAN Lion’s City buses appears on the streets. Numerous technical innovations are combined in it with a new design.

– In principle, the new generation of MAN city buses combines a clear focus on efficiency, comfort and ergonomics with the new design.

-Thanks to the new engine D15, supplemented by a new hybrid module MAN Efficient Hybrid, and weight reduction, the reduction in fuel consumption can reach 16%.

– Standard equipment includes an independent suspension with shock absorbers of a new generation.

– For the first time, headlights and taillights are available in LED design.

-Updated interior: new concept of seats, new handrails, new colors and trim options.

Improved ergonomics and driver safety.

The world premiere of MAN Lion’s City city bus took place as part of the Bus Days exhibition organized by MAN. With a clear focus on efficiency, driving comfort, new technologies and design, the developers set themselves the goal of setting new standards for all components of the bus. Examples of this are the fundamentally new power drive with the MAN Efficient Hybrid module, independent front axle wheel suspension, LED optics, or a new modular cabin concept. Eighteen years after the appearance of its predecessor, the new MAN Lion’s City marks the beginning of a new era. Therefore, it now complies with all legal norms that are in force today and come into force in the foreseeable future.

The new city bus is characterized by the characteristic design of the new generation of MAN buses. At the same time, along with the attention-grabbing headlights with daytime running lights in the form of a strip of LEDs and the black front decorative lining typical of MAN buses with a chrome-plated insert, the reduced body belt line catches the eye. Not only does it externally create a sense of dynamics, but it is also part of a segmented plating to reduce the total cost of ownership throughout the life cycle. Like the new model of MAN Lion’s Coach, the back of the new MAN Lion’s City, designed in the style of a modern smartphone, will become a recognizable hallmark. In addition to this, perfect access to various components is provided.