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Benefits Review
Ecological safety
Low noise

MAN Lion’s City Hybrid Bus - Transport of the Future

The Lion’s City Hybrid bus series is the best option for passenger cars in the near future. Equipping a modernized Efficiency Design drive on hybrid technologies minimizes the release of harmful emissions into the environment, and also ensures maximum profitability.

High performance and productivity of the car is directly proportional to the low level of emissions of harmful substances. For example, the fuel consumption of a Lion’s City Hybrid scheduled bus is 30% lower than that of other similar vehicles. Due to this phenomenon there is a significant saving of fuel – approximately 10 liters of diesel per year. At the same time, the Lion’s City Hybrid city bus produces 26 tons of CO2 less annually, compared to similar vehicles with a classic engine.

The state-of-the-art, comfortable MAN bus not only protects the environment from pollution, it significantly reduces costs, and also improves life in cities, since in the course of work it practically does not emit noise and minimizes exhaust emissions.


The high requirements of the driver for his workplace – this is enough reason to set new standards in the field of cockpit equipment.

With this in mind, in the MAN Lion´s City Hybrid, even the smallest details were adapted to the requirements of the driver. Result: Logically and conveniently located controls, as well as clear and intuitive instrument panels with easy-to-read indicators. The central element is the LCD display, from which the driver constantly reads the necessary data from the working systems of the machine, diagnostic systems, as well as all other signals and messages. For consistently optimal viewing, a panoramic windshield and wide-angle rear-view mirrors with folding function are installed on the bus.

Driver’s seat with maximum comfort

At the driver’s workplace, the MAN Lion´s City Hybrid, along with a simple and intuitive driver’s instrument panel, will also be pleasantly surprised by the availability of free space to enhance ease of operation.

The driver can adjust the driver’s seat and steering wheel under him. The adjusted seat keeps the driver in a comfortable position for comfortable work during multi-day trips. Maximum space is guaranteed by practical, lockable storage compartments located above the driver’s seat. An LCD monitor for interior monitoring can also be placed here as an option. If necessary, a cash register can be built into the cab door and optimally adapted to the design of the cabin through various installation options. Of course, in the form of an alternative, the driver’s seat of a VDV is also offered.

The Lion´s City Hybrid can carry up to 98 passengers at a time – the bus has 36 bowl-shaped MAN City seats and 62 standing places.

Ergonomic seats provide high comfort due to the large legroom, and passengers standing up are guaranteed high safety thanks to the many handrails. In addition, the seats are installed without supports, have anti-vandal coating and easy-cleaning upholstery.

Comfort entrance without steps

The MAN Lion´s City Hybrid has a low-floor design to provide the most comfortable fit for passengers.

The maximum floor height of the entrance and exit openings is only 320 mm. Thanks to the knilling function, it can be reduced by another 80 mm. A solid flat floor in the cabin ensures passengers a safe passage to the seats and to the exit.

Diesel engine with optimum efficiency

When developing MAN Lion’s City Hybrid, the emphasis was placed on the dynamic parameters of an economical Common Rail engine.

Having reached a figure of 45%, it is a leader in the field of efficiency among all internal combustion engines, providing the necessary energy to a high-performance generator. In this case, you can always connect the six-cylinder engine, if you need more power when driving. The bus accelerates, as a rule, from the electric drive, i.e., without emissions of harmful substances.

MAN Lion’s City Hybrid Engine Overview

The MAN Lion’s City Hybrid combines an electric drive with a high-performance electric battery. Lion’s City Hybrid is available in Euro-6. Below are the technical data.

Diesel engineD0836 LOH
Electric motor

Synchronous generator: 150 kW

Two asynchronous motors: 2 x 75 kW

FuelDiesel fuel
PowerDiesel engine: 250 liters. with. at 2300 rpm
Ultracap BatteryMax. 200 kW
Emission levelEuro-6

Gearbox – Hybrid Drive System

The MAN Lion’s City Hybrid is equipped with a continuously variable hybrid drive without interrupting traction.

The basis of the hybrid drive based on the use of braking energy (energy recovery). The energy that arises during braking is accumulated in the intermediate battery and can then be used, for example, for pulling away.

Robust and reliable running gear

The MAN Lion’s City Hybrid is fitted as standard with a fixed front axle.

Stabilizer and disc brakes improve safety. The portal axis MAN-ZF with an intermediate drive shifted to the left is set as the leading axis in Lion’s City Hybrid.

Portal Bridge (Rear Axle)

The MAN-ZF gantry bridge with an intermediate drive shifted to the left is installed as a driving bridge on MAN buses.

Hypoid Bridge (Rear Axle)

In addition to the portal bridge, some MAN buses also use the easy-to-use hypoid MAN bridge as a driving axle.

Hard Bridge (Front Axle)

Rigid axles used as front axles are equipped with disc brakes.

Independent wheel suspension

For tourist and intercity buses are offered independent wheel suspension, which are characterized by high comfort.

Maximum safety when driving

Security systems and driver assistance MAN work constantly. For our tourist buses, we offer a full range of intelligent electronic systems. At the crucial moment, they come to the rescue so that you and your passengers safely and comfortably reach their goal.

  • Electronic stability system (ESP)
  • Electronic Brake System (EBS)
  • MAN BrakeMatic® with bremzomat and tempomat
  • Automatic braking system EBA (Emergency Brake Assist)
  • Road marking system LGS (Lane Guard System)
  • MAN Attention Guard driver attention control system
  • The system maintains the speed of the distance to the car ahead ACC (Adaptive Cruise Control)
  • Multifunction steering wheel
  • Tire Pressure Monitoring System TPM

Prevention system

The MAN EfficientCruise® GPS-enabled Tempomat controls the route for you. Up to three kilometers in advance. Tempomat smoothly shifts gears in order to optimize consumption, thus not only prevents large gaps in tractive force, but also ensures maximum fuel economy. Thanks to the innovative MAN EfficientRoll technology, the tempomat also manages the rolling of the bus by viewing the route via GPS. Even with a slight descent, the gearbox automatically switches to the neutral position N, but only on condition that it really saves fuel. With the latest onboard efficiency systems, the Lion‘s Coach has become more comfortable and environmentally friendly than ever before.