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Benefits overview:
-Ecological safety
-High comfort

MAN Lion’s City Ü Bus - Power and Efficiency Indicator

MAN Lion´s City Ü is a practical intercity transport for passenger traffic. The design, equipment and principle of operation of the bus fully meets all the technical requirements established to date. The model is characterized by an attractive appearance and original interior design. The design of the bus combines completely new and at the same time classic notes. MAN Lion’s City Ü is a set of practical solutions to simplify the work during the repair and maintenance of equipment.

The lightweight design of the MAN Lion’s City Ü model contributes to an increase in its level of efficiency, which in turn has a positive effect on fuel consumption.

Among the additional advantages of Lion’s City Ü bus, it should be noted that its engines practically do not need services, and due to the improved gear shifting system, safe movement and maneuverability of equipment are provided even on the most dangerous sections of the road.


The high requirements of the driver for his workplace – this is enough reason to set new standards in the field of cockpit equipment.

With this in mind, at MAN Lion´s City Ü even the smallest details were adapted to the driver’s requirements. Result: Logically and conveniently located controls, as well as clear and intuitive instrument panels with easy-to-read indicators. The central element is the LCD display, from which the driver constantly reads the necessary data from the working systems of the machine, diagnostic systems, as well as all other signals and messages. For consistently optimal viewing, a panoramic windshield and wide-angle rear-view mirrors with folding function are installed on the bus.

Driver’s seat with maximum comfort

At the workplace of the driver, MAN Lion´s City Ü, along with a simple and intuitive driver’s instrument panel, will also be pleasantly surprised by the availability of free space to enhance ease of operation.

The driver can adjust the driver’s seat and steering wheel under him. The adjusted seat keeps the driver in a comfortable position for unfatiguing work on multi-day trips. Maximum space is guaranteed by practical, lockable storage compartments located above the driver’s seat. An LCD monitor for interior monitoring can also be placed here as an option. If necessary, a cash register can be built into the cab door and optimally adapted to the design of the cabin through various installation options. Of course, in the form of an alternative, the driver’s seat of a VDV is also offered.

Benefit overview:

  • Ergonomic driver workplace with high driving comfort
  • Intuitive dashboard with redesigned menu and switches
  • Ergonomic, adjustable seat for driver-friendly work
  • Steering wheel height and tilt adjustment
  • LCD display for operating parameters and diagnostic data
  • Good visibility due to deep windshield and wide-angle mirrors
  • Practical, lockable compartments for storage of the driver and accompanying
  • Good visibility due to deep windshield and wide-angle folding mirrors

High comfort and maximum space

The salon of the MAN Lion´s City LE Ü bus impresses with a maximum of comfort and a pleasant atmosphere created by daylight penetrating the new glass hatches in the roof.

Entrances and exits, as well as the central passage are located at a minimum height for comfortable boarding and disembarking of the elderly and persons with disabilities. Vertical installation of the engine in the rear and an increase in legroom between the individual rows of seats is another part of the thought-out concept of extra-class space.

Seat place

Lion’s City Ü can carry up to 88 passengers at a time – the bus has 44 ergonomic bowl-shaped MAN City seats or 44 standing places. Numerous handrails provide safety for standing passengers. In addition, the seats are installed without supports, have anti-vandal coating and easy-cleaning upholstery.

Air conditioning system

Unlike the previous air conditioning systems, the new system is noticeably lighter – as a result, the own weight of the bus decreases and fuel consumption decreases. Additionally, the amount of maintenance of the air conditioning system was reduced and its service life was extended.

Hatches in the roof

Due to the exceptionally bright and hospitable atmosphere, you immediately want to enter MAN Lion´s City Ü salon.

This atmosphere is also created by pleasant daylight penetrating through individual plastic hatches in the roof. Improved lighting and security are provided by new, optional safety glass hatches. In order to ventilate the cabin, they are easily opened by means of an electric drive, and in the event of an accident, serve as additional emergency exits.

Inputs and Outputs

MAN Lion’s City Ü are made without steps and have an exceptionally low floor height of only 320 mm. Thanks to the knilling function, the right side of the bus is lowered by another 80 mm to facilitate embarkation and disembarkation of the elderly and people with disabilities. In this way, MAN Lion´s City LE meets the requirements of EC Directive ECE R107.

Folding ramp

When designing the MAN Lion´s City LE Ü salon, from the very beginning everything was aimed at providing complete comfort for each passenger – from equipment for persons with disabilities to compact folding seats. Passengers in a wheelchair or parents with a baby carriage can easily enter the bus through the 2nd door on the built-in folding ramp. In addition, on request, practical folding seats for accompanying persons can be installed in the cabin.

MAN engines – high power and efficiency

MAN Lion’s City Ü – with a diesel engine, a natural gas engine or a hybrid drive in the rear of the body – is extremely efficient in operation both in urban areas and on long-haul flights.

This bus is primarily distinguished by high tractive effort, low emissions of harmful substances and low fuel consumption. Engines with a Common Rail system in combination with a four or six-speed automatic transmission provide clean power in the range from 206 kW (280 hp.) To 265 kW (360 hp.), Which is also achieved by six-cylinder engines on natural gas ( CNG) – 200 kW (272 hp.) And 228 kW (310 hp.). Additional advantages of MAN Lion’s City Ü series buses are also that their engines always work reliably and almost do not require maintenance, and thanks to a well-designed gear change system, depending on the topography of the area, they provide steady movement on any road sections.

Overview of MAN Lion’s City Ü engines

MAN Lion’s City Ü buses are available with a D2066 engine (up to 360 hp) or E2876 (up to 310 hp). Exact differences of both engine variants are presented in the review below.

Optimum drive in every situation

No matter how difficult the terrain of your road, the highly sensitive gear shift program for MAN diesel engines will always set the optimum mode to provide the necessary power.

In order for MAN Lion’s City Ü to remain “at its best” even on the steepest slopes, it is serially equipped with a Voith DIWA gearbox with SensoTop function. Optionally, the ZF EcoLife transmission with TopoDyn function can also be installed.

Gearbox Voith DIWA

This gearbox is serially installed on all MAN Lion’s City bus models. It is distinguished by electronic integration in the transmission, effective mechanical-hydraulic power distribution, as well as high-performance secondary retarder. In addition, it is equipped with a program of gear shifting, depending on the topography of the area SensoTop, which even in the class of heavy vehicles provides the optimum speed when switching and significantly reduces fuel consumption. A separate maintenance-free altimeter automatically detects rises and inclines and calculates optimal switch points for them.

Technique you can rely on: MAN systems for safe and efficient driving

At the crucial moment they come to the rescue. Is always. Security systems and driver assistance MAN work constantly. With them, you and your passengers will reach your destination safely and comfortably.

The following systems are available for MAN Lion’s City Ü:

  • Electronic Stability Program (ESP)
  • Electronic Brake System (EBS)
  • Tyremanagement