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New MAN Lion’s City

New MAN Lion’s City - Highest Superiority

When creating a new bus for Lion’s City, MAN manufacturers relied not only on their own knowledge, but also on the wishes and recommendations of customers. Thanks to numerous transformations, the transformed model has become even more attractive from the point of view of efficiency and comfort, both inside and outside. City bus Lion’s City in a new way fully meets the latest technological trends.

Absolutely all of its equipment consists of components, which have a tremendous impact on a high degree of transport safety and productivity. Lightweight body design and the availability of an intelligent energy management system set new standards in terms of efficiency and practicality. Independent wheel suspension makes the bus invulnerable even in the most extreme conditions.


Excellent cost effectiveness due to the new MAN Lion’s City bus. MAN Lion’s City’s fully modernized city bus not only looks new, but also sets new standards in terms of efficiency, engine concept, driver workplace and safety. Here everything was revised and is now optimally coordinated with each other. Thanks to this, the new MAN Lion’s City fully meets the requirements of modern passenger transport and helps to make the modern city even more comfortable for living.

Effective mode with automatic system of switching on and off the engine

Thanks to the additional equipment of MAN EfficientHybrid, the intelligent energy management system was used in the new MAN Lion City.

The main component is a reliable and durable electric motor installed between the engine and gearbox. In the mode of forced idling or braking, the crankshaft starter-generator works as a generator (electric machine), in the reverse mode it acts as a starter (starting device). This further saves fuel and increases driving comfort for the driver and passengers.

The optimal choice for any application

Thanks to the power range from 280 to 360 hp The 9-liter engine has an optimum working volume.

The extremely balanced balance between mass and size, as well as power and consumption makes the MAN D15 engine an ideal choice for urban transport.

Large selection of gearbox options

For the new MAN Lions City, two automatic transmissions are available from Voith and ZF.

  • Voith DIWA 6 is a 4-speed automatic transmission weighing 367-388 kg.
  • The ZF EcoLife Step 3 automatic transmission has 6 shift levels and weighs 379 kg. Whichever option you choose, the drive in the new MAN Lions City will always be optimal

Engine D1556

EG standard Euro 6d

Number of cylinders / location

/ number of valves per cylinder 6 / inline / 4

Working volume 9/145/115/21: 2

Common Rail Fuel Injection System

Rated power (kW / hp) 206/280 243/330 266/360

Internal engine code LOH12 LOH11 LOH10

Rated speed (rpm) 1800 1800 1800

Max. torque N • m 1200 1400 1600

with a frequency of rotation (rpm) 800-1600 900-1600 900-1550

Minimum speed

at idle (rpm) 550 550 550

Engine weight (kg) approx. 900 approx. 900 approx. 900

Oil refill

without / with oil filter (l) 39 / 40,5 39 / 40,5 39 / 40,5

Oil Change Interval / Spacing

purification of the diesel particulate filter (km) up to 80000/750000 up to 80000/750000 up to 80000/750000

Injection pressure / pressure

at ignition (bar) up to 2500/230 up to 2500/230 up to 2500/230

Start the cold engine (° C) to -32 to -32 to -32

  • The engine weight is determined by MAN Truck & Bus in a dry condition.
  • Only with engine oil to specification M3677.
  • Under operating conditions in which the maximum oil change intervals are reached on the counter to determine the timing of maintenance, it is possible to achieve the indicated and even longer cleaning intervals of the diesel particulate filter.

Exterior design

Body structure

Thanks to the new bodywork concept, the new MAN Lionrs City is much lighter than its predecessor.

This was made possible thanks to the sandwich construction and the transition to the aluminum frame of the roof, as well as the side walls of high-quality steel and aluminum.

Side walls

Glass and cladding surfaces dominate the sidewall concept of the new MAN Lions City.

The window surfaces thanks to three different segments – the driver side window, the passenger window and the side walls look modern and easy to maintain.

Светодиодные фары

Fully LED headlights not only look good.

They increase the safety of route vehicles, have a long service life (up to 10,000 hours of operation) with a simultaneously low current consumption.

Door system

The door system in the new MAN Lions City was developed by MAN.

The components have been tested in numerous studies and experiments, so that they are characterized by increased operational reliability and ease of maintenance.


Seats and handrails

Seats and handrails in the new MAN Lions City have been substantially reworked.

We offer various options for covers and upholstery, the seats have become foldable and versatile in placement, and care and cleaning has become much easier. Handrails perfectly fit into the passenger compartment, because we thoroughly thought out the choice of materials, ergonomics and fastening.

LED interior lighting

Indirect LED interior lighting with dimmable fully illuminates the ceiling, while the light, as in nature, comes from above.

So the passengers have a feeling of safety and comfort.

Management concept

Special attention is paid to the comfort of control.

The control panel in the new Lions City has been optimized in terms of ergonomics by adding new options. Now the controls are divided into three zones and are arranged according to the frequency of their use.

Driver’s seat

It’s all about proper ergonomics: The driver’s seat can be adjusted horizontally and, thanks to the increased width of the seat surface and its depth, provides the maximum amount of free space for the driver’s feet. The headrest provides excellent all-round visibility – thanks to this, you have everything and always under control.

Raised platform with driver’s seat

The driver’s workplace in the new MAN Lions City is 110 mm taller than the previous model; now its height is 330 mm. The lowest point (heel) meets the requirements of ISO 16121 1: 2005.

Independent wheel suspension

The new MAN Lionsq City became the first MAN MAN bus on which an independent wheel suspension was installed, which allows for almost independent wheel turns on each side of the bus and thus provides it with optimal maneuverability.

In addition, the movement of the wheels and their racks when driving irregularities of the roadway is only slightly transmitted through the body to the opposite side. Thanks to this, the driver and passengers in the new MAN Lions City feel more relaxed and comfortable on the road.

Bus articulation

The new MAN Lions City is made of aluminum, has an increased torque, has high strength and guarantees safety for passengers.

Along with this, new electric and hydraulic equipment provides a high, smoothly adjustable damping moment, which stabilizes the bus when driving at high speed and when passing through tight corners, increasing driving comfort for the driver and passengers.

Shock absorber

The new MAN Lions City bus uses a new model of the shock absorber as standard.

The PCV (Premium Comfort Valve) Hydraulic Vibration Damper provides more stable driving performance while reducing noise levels. This ensures increased comfort in the new MAN Lions City for the driver and passengers.