MAN TGX EfficientLine3 presented in Ukraine

Dealer “AVANTI Group” officially presented the updated MAN TGX tractor

On March 17, the official premiere of the MAN TGX long-haul tractor, a super-efficient EfficientLine3, took place in Kiev.

The new MAN TGX trucks meet the latest Euro 6C environmental standards, which entered into force in the EU countries on January 1, 2017. The maximum content of harmful emissions of NOx, CO2 and particulate matter in the exhaust gases has not changed, but the norms of deviations have been tightened. Moreover, now the car was able to check the quality of not only the fuel, but also the ammonia substitute AdBlue.

All this was made possible thanks to advanced engines D26 and D38, whose power increased by 20 liters. with. and a maximum torque of 200 Nm. The D26 unit has a working volume of 12.4 liters and is offered in versions of 420 liters. with. (2100 Nm), 460 hp (2300 Nm) and 500 liters. with. (2500 Nm), and the engine D38 – 15.2-liter and is available in versions of 540 liters. with. (2700 Nm), 580 l. with. (2900 Nm) and 640 liters. with. (3000 Nm).

D26 engines received double turbocharging, which provides high maximum torque in a wide rpm range. As for the D38 engines, the TopDown function (drop cooling) is used here, which better cools the cylinders and increases the wear resistance.

Dome valves are also distinguished by an increased resource. With engines running new automatic transmission MAN TipMatic. The appeared SmartShifting function minimizes interruptions of power, for example, when switching on rise. Standard PROFI software can be replaced with a special FLEET, which is designed for large fleets. The latter helps to minimize the difference in driving style of several drivers working on the same machine, and thus increase the resource and reduce fuel consumption.

Turbodiesel engines D26 and D38 due to the improved design consume less fuel – by 2.5 and 1.9% respectively. However, this is not the limit. You can order a tractor in the performance of EfficientLine3, which allows you to save up to 6.35% of fuel, compared with the conventional version. This is due to many factors. Let’s start with an automatic transmission equipped with an optimal shift program. On the EfficientLine3, the box has the EfficientRoll mode, which places it in a neutral position when the gas is released. Saves fuel and the second-generation predictive cruise control feature EfficientCruise2. It adjusts the work of the box under the terrain, focusing on GPS-readings and a map of the area, which is stored in the memory of the navigation system.

The EfficientLine3 is also equipped with tires with reduced rolling resistance (class A).

MAN Air Pressure Management tire pressure monitoring system (APM), a maximum speed limiter of 85 km / h, also contributes to the economy. Improved and aerodynamics: doors are used with extenders that close the steps; removed sun visor above the windshield. To reduce the weight of the removed bracket for the spare wheel.