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-Best value for large transport capacities
-Intelligent efficiency and safety systems
-German inspection association TÜV tested reliability
-New, practical equipment highlights


Truck transport MAN TGX is the most reliable partner for long trips, which you can always count on. High-quality German-made equipment is equipped with modern engines with a Common Rail injection system, which are responsible for minimal fuel costs and at the same time for high performance. The MAN TGX truck is fully suitable for long-distance routes, and compliance with the Euro-6 standard demonstrates not only the economy of vehicles, but also care for the environment.

MAN TGX truck design

The frame of the MAN TGX is made of durable fine grain steel, which affects the endurance of the structure, as well as its special lightness. Thanks to this, the installation of the truck is greatly simplified. MAN TGX can have various configurations and be combined with many wheelbases, varying the height and other parameters of coupling devices. The narrow perforated frame rail makes it possible to quickly re-equip the body and eliminates the need for drilling auxiliary manipulations.

Engines MAN TGX

MAN TGX trucks are equipped with several types of engines, one of which is a powerful 10.5 liter engine with 440 horsepower. Also developed a more progressive series of engines, the volume of which is 12.4 liters with a capacity of 540 horsepower. The new high-performance MAN engines provide a large mileage per liter of fuel.


The individually equipped MAN TGH cab, which corresponds to the required type size (XXL, XLX, XL), will be able to please all wishes in terms of comfort and equipment of the free space in the cabin. Correctly calculated cabin height, comfortable and practical beds, ergonomic polyurethane foam mattresses: each part in the cabin is designed to fully meet the needs of the passenger and the driver.


The design of the MAN TGX is equipped with the following safety systems:

  1. electronic brake control mechanism;
  2. lane control;
  3. rollover roll stabilization CDC;
  4. emergency braking system;
  5. TPM tire pressure control;
  6. cruise control to prevent a collision of cars moving in the same lane, etc.

Let’s sum up

Cargo transport MAN TGH is characterized by such qualities that will help develop the business of any successful entrepreneur: the most comfortable cabin, compliance with the Euro-6 standard, fuel economy, reliable security system. In addition, a series of trucks MAN TGX can be completed completely at its discretion, choosing components that match your field of activity.

If you intend to buy MAN TGX, then it is not recommended to do it without the help of professionals. Experienced specialists of the company “AVANTI-Group”, which is the official dealer of MAN in Ukraine, will help to make the most correct choice and contribute to the prosperity of your business.

Long haul

Construction & concrete

Distribution transport

Wood & agriculture

Fire department & emergency services

Waste Disposal & Street Cleaning


Special versions MAN TGX.

We would not be a company MAN if we won’t have create a suitable truck for each task – adapted optimally for your needs. Exactly for this we created special versions of MAN TGX.


MAN TipMatic ®

Easier than ever before

With a gearbox that practically drives itself: thanks to our electronically-controlled manually operated gearbox, the MAN TipMatic®, and the further development of our SmartShifting switching function, you can now change between gears even more quickly and smoothly without compromising on speed or tractive force. The system automatically determines the optimum switching strategy, based on your load and the slope of the road; leaving you free to concentrate on the traffic. And to keep things always on the up for you, MAN EasyStart offers support when it comes to effortless and safe starts on inclines. Once you’ve driven the MAN TipMatic®, you almost don’t want to get in behind the wheel of anything else.

265 kW

MAN TGX D20 engine in Euro 6

And the truck keeps on rolling: with a mileage of up to 1.5 million kilometres and an average oil-change interval of 140,000 km, our D20 engines are among the most reliable in their class. Economical, quiet and above all clean, our six cylinder engines with Common Rail injection protect both your wallet and the environment. If you want to go further in giving nature a hand, you can now also run the D20 engines with paraffin fuels. And whichever fuel type you go for, the D20 engines will ensure that you get the most out of every drop.

309-368 kW

MAN TGX D26 engine in Euro 6

More power under the hood with even less consumption: thanks to our D26 engines, you can save an additional 2.5% on fuels in comparison to its predecessor, and you are also able to hit the ground running with its additional 20 HP and an around 200 Nm increase in torque. Additional cost savings can also be made through the standard and optional efficiency functions, such as the deactivatable air compressor that only engages when compressed air is actually required. The result: a 90% reduction in operating time compared with other providers. Technology that impresses, but above all serves you and your business.

397-471 kW

MAN TGX D38 engine in Euro 6

Power that pays off: despite its huge engine performance with up to 640 HP, the new MAN D38 engine generation saves approximately 1.9% on fuel. No wonder, then, that the in-line six-cylinder engine with an engine weight of only 1,345 kg counts as one of the lightweight engines in its class. Even demanding routes and the heaviest loads cannot intimidate our powerhouse. The D38 engines reach torques of up to 3,000 Nm from as low as 930 rpm, bringing its lion strength to every slope. Whether on a construction site or a steep mountain pass, with the MAN D38 engines you’re driving up your profits every day.

Engine  Displacement
D206610,5 l
265 kW (360 HP), 1800 Nm 
D267612,4 l
309 kW (420 HP), 2100 Nm 
338 kW (460 HP), 2300 Nm 
368 kW (500 HP), 2500 Nm 
D387615,2 l
397 kW (540 HP), 2700 Nm 
427 kW (580 HP), 2900 Nm 
471 kW (640 HP), 3000 Nm 
Vehicle type  SuspensionWheelbase   Gearboxes
Chassis   BB2600–6700 mmSynchromesh gearbox
Semitrailer BLGross train weight  MAN semi-automatic gearbox
Tipper  LL18–41 t.TipMatic®

Here at MAN, we have been combining exacting functionality with modern design for decades: ensuring you always leave a lasting impression, wherever you go.


The chassis of the MAN TGX is a real lightweight, yet nonetheless strong enough to take some serious weight on its shoulders: your individualized truck bodies and your loads. The optimized weight not only helps to make considerable savings on fuel, it also makes the work of the body manufacturers easy, thanks to its narrow hole pattern.


It doesn’t have to look especially great, but it does have to be especially practical. The lamellar structure of our bumpers protects the memorable exterior of our MAN TGX and at the same time cools the vehicle’s technology. For a driving experience without compromise.

Mirror concept

Reflecting our increase in safety: The main and wide-angle mirrors, as well as the large ramp and front mirrors mean there are almost no blind spots and give you the best possible overview of what’s taking place on the roads.

From optimised cup holders to high-definition colour displays and a practical coolbox: we have thought of everything when it comes to your home on wheels, so you feel right at home.

Highlights of the MAN TGX

High-quality interior design

An interior that convinces: with robust panels made from grained plastic and decorative inlays that can be individualized to taste in three versions.

Intuitive switch and operate concept

So that you don’t waste time searching for the right button, we have completely revised the operator’s area of our MAN cockpit. All the switches and functions can now be operated even more intuitively and even the rotary switch for our automatic gearbox, the MAN TipMatic®, has been integrated into the main control panel for your comfort.

Even more space and storage

No more problems with space, guaranteed: in the MAN TGX you are able to spread out. From our revised cup holders to our improved coolbox, which can be stored easily under the bed. Leaving more room for the important things: namely, you.

Intelligent networking thanks to the new on-board telematics module (RIO-Box)

RIO is our partner for the transport and logistics ecosystem. The on-board telematics module (RIO-Box) is your entry card into the world of Logistics 4.0. When you register on the platform operated by our partner, RIO, you will receive the Start-Service RIO Essentials, and your clearance for the on-board telematics module (RIO-Box). The open, cloud-based platform connects all partners along the logistics chain, integrates vehicle information with digital value-adding services and as a result, takes the efficiency of your transport processes to a whole new level.

The MAN TGX cabs

A lack of space is a foreign concept to us, as the MAN TGX offers the highest comfort and sufficient space in all its cab versions.


Cab for special applications

The XL cab comes into its own in particular where special applications are concerned, such as transporting construction materials or timber. The wide but flat cab offers excellent superstructure capability and, thanks to its low unladen weight, advantages in terms of the payload too. A low transmission tunnel provides optimum freedom of movement and the above-average width of the cab means that there is plenty of storage space. The generously dimensioned, comfortable bed offers adequate space for rest breaks, and is also a comfortable overnight sleeping option for multi-day journeys.

The benefits at a glance:

  • Long, wide cab for special short-haul transport applications
  • Comfortable cross-cab access from door to door
  • Comfortable bed as standard for breaks and rests
  • Good superstructure capability



Width 2240 mm

Depth 2280 mm

Height 1660 mm


2 persons

1 sleeping spaces


The all-rounder for the fleet segment

Its universal application options make the XLX cab a must-have for long-haul transport. The medium-height roof provides full standing room for plenty of freedom to move. This means that maximum living comfort is also guaranteed on multi-day journeys. Our drivers are always guaranteed the very best. The high-quality, comfortable bed ensures a good night’s sleep just like at home. A second bed can also be provided upon request. Generously sized storage spaces provide plenty of room for luggage, creating a tidy and pleasant atmosphere.

The benefits at a glance:

  • Long, wide cab with medium-height roof: perfect for long-haul transport
  • Full standing height, full comfort. Second bed available upon request
  • Low fuel consumption thanks to the low external height compared to the XXL cab
  • Weight advantage over the XXL model brings payload advantage
  • Universal application options as suitable for all semitrailers

Width 2240 mm

Depth 2280 mm

Height 1940 mm


2 persons

2 sleeping spaces


The biggest and best for long-haul drivers

The XXL cab is one of the biggest truck cabs in Europe. It is MAN’s perfect model for very long international journeys. The above-average standing room and maximum interior volume create an airy feel, as well as providing exceptional living and sleeping comfort. Even the tallest and most solidly built of drivers will have plenty of room to move in this cab. Large cabinets above the windscreen of the XXL cab along with two generously dimensioned external storage compartments for personal items create a tidy, pleasant atmosphere, facilitating concentrated working. Drivers must be able to sleep well if they are to remain fully alert at the wheel. The high-quality beds with slatted frame and optional multi-zone cold foam mattress will make drivers feel like they’re sleeping in their own bed at home.

The benefits at a glance:

  • Long, wide cab with extra-high roof for international long-haul transport
  • Maximum standing room of more than two metres inside
  • Universal application options thanks to two-driver operation
  • Exclusive equipment and optimum living comfort and ease of use



Width 2440 mm

Depth 2280 mm

Height 2150 mm


2 persons

2 sleeping spaces

More traction? Instantly. The best tractive force and performance for your MAN TGX: soon, no roads will be off limits for you with MAN HydroDrive®.

The MAN HydroDrive® drive system is approximately 400 kg lighter than comparable, conventional all-wheel drives. It is specially designed for safe and efficient driving on difficult terrain, such as construction sites or forests, but also in normal road traffic in poor weather conditions. The front-axle drive, operated by a hydraulic pump, can also be switched on using the rotary switch when the loaded vehicle is in motion. The result: increased traction, greater flexibility on various surfaces and the best in safety for you and your load.

We hope that you’ll never need it, but it is nonetheless good to have on board in case of emergency. An overview of your MAN TGX safety system.

To ensure you always stay on track, and maintain a safe distance in heavy traffic: our innovative safety and driver assistance systems will also help you to drive particularly proactively and safely in difficult situations. If, however, it should get critical, we will always help you to master the situation.

  • Electronic stability program (ESP)
  • Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC) with new Stop-and-Go function
  • MAN BrakeMatic® electronic brake system
  • Advanced Emergency Brake Assist (EBA)
  • Lane Guard System (LGS)
  • Continuous Damping Control (CDC)
  • Safety and profitability driver training with MAN ProfiDrive®
  • Secondary retarder (retarder) and primary retarder (MAN PriTarder)
  • Tyre pressure monitoring (TPM)
  • Digital axle load display
  • Automatic low-beam headlights and automatic wiping
  • Sustained action breaking system (EVB)

With the efficiency systems from MAN, you are able to cut costs before they even arise. For an optimal balance sheet at the end of the day.

You and your success are at the heart of what we do. Our efficiency systems provide a relaxing drive, protect the environment and, at the same time, reduce fuel consumption by promoting particularly economical driving.

The core element of our intelligent manually-operated gearbox, the MAN TipMatic®, adapts the moving-off behaviour of the vehicle depending on the weight of your load and the slope of the road, as well as automatically selecting the best compromise for comfort, material wear and driving efficiency. And thanks to our GPS controlled MAN EfficientCruise® cruise control, you can save up to 6% of your fuel consumption.

Let our efficiency systems help you to combine profitability with the best in driving pleasure.


Nothing can stop you: you can master any assignment with our MAN TGX D38, no matter how difficult or arduous it may be. Our power packet transports up to 120 tonnes in heavy-duty transportation without difficulty thanks to its powerful engine performance; its pulling power is enough to carry you up every elevation, no matter how steep. The enormous brake output of the sustained action braking system then allows you to make your descent safely. The strong driving force doesn’t just make a lasting impression on long-haul or heavy-duty transport runs, it is also effective on difficult terrain such as construction sites and forest areas. Choose the right semi-trailer tractor for your requirements and leave obstacles in your wake with our MAN TGX D38. Our MAN TGX D38 – the perfect symbiosis of unrivalled efficiency and unsurpassed pulling power.


Economical to the last drop: thanks to the further development of the driveline, standard efficiency systems and consumption-optimised motorisation, you can further reduce your operating costs with the MAN TGX EfficientLine 3. And because we know that fuel consumption makes up almost a third of your total expenses, our savings hero now uses up to 6.35% less fuel than its predecessor. International comparison tests also confirm that with our MAN TGX EfficientLine 3, you don't need to worry today about the costs of tomorrow. Leave your competition behind when it comes to expenses and reap the benefits of the economy of our profit maximising truck. For an efficiency balance that will improve your overall balance sheet in long-haul transport.


More strength, more design, more performance: This exclusive MAN truck not only boasts the unbridled power of its MAN D38 engine with 640 horsepower, but is also a real eye-catcher when it comes to design. The MAN TGX PerformanceLine Edition, limited to just 100 vehicles, combines exclusivity with the best in performance. Whether it be the generous infotainment system, the premium-class leather upholstery in the interior, the dark blue aluminium trim, the contrasting blue stitching – or, of course, the MAN lion. Those who love detail, and those who know their trucks, will certainly get their money's worth from the MAN TGX PerformanceLine Edition – and will find themselves on the road in a vehicle with more power and greater efficiency, thanks to the 3000 Nm high-torque engine. Of course, so much exclusivity was always going to awaken a great deal of interest. The 100 special models sold out in next to no time. Their buyers had one more particularly special highlight to look forward to: a truck racing weekend, where the MAN TGX PerformanceLine Edition showed it was second to none when it comes to exclusivity.