TGS 41.400BB 8×4 Dump Truck Euro 5 Cabin M


Productive dumper MAN 41.400 8×4 with Wielton body. The car is characterized by a four-axle truck chassis, the total weight of which is 41,000 kg. The operation of the truck can be carried out even in the most extreme conditions and withstand an optimal load of 15,000 kg and up to 26,000 kg on the front and rear axles, respectively.

Equipping an economical and productive diesel engine D-20 with a power of 440 hp guarantees high-quality work of the dump truck for a long time. Manual transmission ZF 16S 252 OD is responsible for stable traction.

The advantage of the truck MAN TGS 41.400 in the presence of an improved hydraulic pump, hydraulic cylinder and oil tank with return line filter.