TGS 41.400BB 8×4 MIXER (concrete mixer) Euro 5 cabin M


Concrete mixer TGS 41.400 Mixer – the optimal solution for any task. Qualitatively equipped car BB-WW with the installation of CIFA SL10, a powerful 6-cylinder engine D2066LF70 400 hp

The truck is equipped with a 300 liter fuel tank on the right and 35 L of Ad Blue, a SEPAR filter and a 360 cc air compressor. For the stability of the structure in addition to the productive engine is responsible manual transmission ZF 16S 252 OD.

Equipment concrete mixer implies the presence of a comfortable driver’s seat with air suspension, additional side windows, rear-view and sidewalk mirrors, which are equipped with electric drive, and also include a heating function.

The mixer is completed together with the manometer necessary for implementation of measurement of pressure of water. There are two bunkers: unloading and loading, each of which is equipped with high-strength plates.