TGX 18.460 BLS 4×2 EfficientLine tractor Euro 6 cab XLX


The economical MAN TGX 18.460 Efficient Line tractor, the complete set of which fully complies with the ecological standard Euro-6, shows its special efficiency and profitability in the field of long-haul transportation.

Thanks to the productive 6-cylinder D-20 and D-26 engines with Common-Rail technology, the model’s power is 460 horsepower.

Air suspension, durable disc brakes, automatic transmission and 4×2 optimum wheel formula are responsible for the high level of maneuverability of the truck, as well as its stability and prevent the possibility of skids. The XLX cab with a medium-high roof allows the driver to ensure optimum conditions of comfort for themselves, which are especially important on long journeys.

MAN TGX 18.460 is, above all, profitable and safe.