TGX 18.480 BLS 4×2 AGRO LION tractor Euro 5 cab L


The super-comfortable and uncompromising TGX 18.480 BLS 4×2 AGRO LION truck tractor possesses all the qualities that any transport operating in the field of cargo transportation needs. It is equipped with a powerful 6-cylinder diesel engine that complies with the Euro-5 environmental standard. The volume of the fuel tank tractor is 680 liters.

The model is equipped with advanced air conditioning and multimedia, air suspension, sunroof, climate control option, electric mirrors, adjustable steering wheel height and departure, as well as many other auxiliary components that increase the level of comfort and safety of drivers during long trains.

MAN TGX 18.480 BLS 4×2 AGRO LION truck tractor is a sturdy vehicle with optimum profitability.