TGX 26.440 BLS 6x2V2 tractor Euro 5 cab XLX


The spacious and ergonomically equipped XLX-size cab, compliance with EURO-5 environmental standard, 440 horsepower engine – it’s all about the modern MAN TGX 26.440 BLS 6x2V2 efficient tractor.

The model operates at 16 speeds, the wheelbase is 395 cm, rear overhang – 750mm. The total weight of the train design is 40 000 kg.

The 26.440 is equipped in such a way that the driver feels as comfortable as possible for the long haul. The cabin of the truck is equipped with a lightweight air conditioner, a developed multimedia system, 2 sleeping places and a refrigerator. The presence of a flashing beacon and fog light makes the trip not only convenient, but also protects against dangerous situations on the roads.