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The advantages
-Even more efficient thanks to the new D08 engine generation
-Optimized driver's workplace
-High payload and maximum reliability
-Versatile use

MAN TGM - efficiency in all manifestations

The MAN TGM truck determines the conditions of profitability in the field of traction and distribution of medium loads. The model, equipped with an optimized transmission, provides drivers with more comfort and significantly reduces the amount of fuel on the road. The innovative D08 engine minimizes weight and saves you time, as well as fuel consumption by about 5%. The MAN TGM has proven itself in everyday life as well as in long-haul transport, utilities or on the construction site.

The MAN TGM can be customized to your needs, and you can personally combine different engines, equipment, and personalized options. On board the MAN TGM there are the most modern systems of efficiency and safety, as well as a completely modernized driver’s workplace, which allows you to feel at home while on the road. MAN TGM has a large number of talents, but the main one is to successfully run your own business.

Making truck MAN TGM

A new concept of lighting, more freedom of movement and a well-ordered working area, where everything is located in its place – what other wishes can there be for the modernized internal space of the MAN TGM multipurpose car?

The unique exterior design and practical features make it extremely easy to carry out important tasks. The MAN TGM model not only has an attractive appearance, it will also no doubt pass any tests for endurance and performance.

Advantages of MAN TGM:

  • lightweight construction;
  • expressive design;
  • weight-optimized front axle;
  • easy frame design;
  • preparation for installation of auxiliary units and components.

Safety model MAN TGM

Preventing dangerous situations is the best protection and guarantee. Our safety systems and multiple support systems warn the driver in time of the potential for dangerous accidents so that they can respond correctly.

Embedded safety systems in MAN TGM trucks protect against unpleasant surprises on the roads. Thanks to electronic stability control, anti-lock system, digital display of axial load and many other functions, transport will easily withstand even the harshest conditions.

Buy MAN TGM in Kiev

The company AVANTI Group offers customers to purchase high-quality German trucks quickly, safely and on the most favorable conditions for them. We are the official dealer of MAN in Ukraine, which is why we guarantee 100% compliance with the quality of our products with all established European standards.

If you have any questions, please contact the managers of the company AVANTI Group. We will try to give all the information you need and help in solving important problems.

Long haul

Construction & concrete


Wood & agriculture

Fire department & emergency services

Waste Disposal & Street Cleaning


MAN TipMatic ®

Moving into a higher gear in terms of efficiency

Driving costs down and comfort up: with intelligent functions that have been tailored exactly to the new MAN TGM engine generation, the MAN TipMatic® is able to offer even greater driving comfort. Idle Speed Driving allows you to cruise through slow-moving traffic in a fuel efficient way, without even having to put your foot on the accelerator. And with the SmartShifting switching function, you are able to simply and gently switch between gears with constant tractive force. MAN TipMatic®  functions fully automatically and calculates the appropriate switching strategy based on previous driving situations. Let us do the work for you, so you can focus your full attention on the progress being made by your business.

184-235 kW

MAN TGM D08 engine in Euro 6

Even lighter for a bigger payload: the new MAN D08 engine weighs up 103 kg lighter on the scales than its predecessor. Thanks to a robust, plastic oil sump and a reduced number of component parts, not only the weight and maintenance requirements of the engine have been reduced, but also its fuel consumption. Our innovative drivetrain can save you up to an additional 5% in terms of fuel costs. The new, single-stage turbo charger ensures optimal power delivery and increased efficiency. In short: the most power and the greatest efficiency come together in the newly developed MAN D08 engine. You also have the option to gain additional environmental plus points by using paraffin fuels, which you can utilise without any need for upgrading or additional fittings.

Engine Displacement
The new MAN D0836  6,9 l
184 kW (250 HP), 1050 Nm 
213 kW (290 HP), 1150 Nm 
235 kW (320 HP), 1250 Nm 
Vehicle typeSuspensionWheelbaseGearboxes
ChassisBB3525-5775 mm Synchromesh gearbox
Tipper BLGross train weightMAN semi-automatic gearbox
 LL12–26 т.TipMatic® 

An unmistakable design and practical functions that make those difficult tasks easier: the MAN TGM offers an attractive exterior that is sure to pass all the tests you put it through on a daily basis.

Striking design

A real MAN is easy to recognize – by its aerodynamic silhouette and, of course, by the MAN lion proudly sported on the radiator grille and steering wheel.

Lightweight construction

You don’t need to be a heavyweight to get things done: thanks to the use of weight-optimised materials, the MAN TGM is incredibly lightweight and can therefore take greater loads. No wonder then that it’s the payload star in its class.

Weight-optimized front axle

Even more resilient: thanks to the new, patented Z-forged section of the axle body, the weight of the front axle could be reduced by a further 8.5 kg. For you, that means an increased payload that will take the strain off your budget: the more you can load on, the fewer journeys you will need.

Body-friendly frame design

You can count on us: the frame construction of the MAN TGM is furnished with a practical hole pattern, enabling you to add on individual mounted parts and attachments quickly and cost-effectively, without the need for drilling. This not only helps to protect the chassis from corrosion, but also allows you to remain flexible and allow for rapid adjustments.

Preparing for auxiliary units

Prepared for anything: It doesn’t matter whether you would like to integrate an additional coolant compressor, a concrete pump or a compressor; the MAN TGM is ready for any attachment thanks to the preliminary setup work done in the factory to prepare for auxiliary units.

Different versions with exceptional comfort: as every type of job will place different requirements on the cab, with us you have the choice of four different cabs.


The all-rounder for short-haul and distribution transport as well as on the construction site

Both short-haul and distribution transport and construction site applications require vehicles that are easy to manoeuvre and marshal, with compact external dimensions. The short and narrow C cab is perfect for such applications. An ultra-low step unit, wide-opening doors wide and comfortable access to the co-driver’s side make the compact cab a multi-talented wonder. For use as a platform body or with a tarpaulin cover, as a (refrigerated) trailer, as roll-off or set-down skip loader or three-way tipper, or as a vehicle with a loading crane – all manner of uses are possible. For special customer requirements, it is also possible to extend the cab by up to 265 mm for an even more spacious interior.

The benefits at a glance

  • Short cab for short-haul and distribution transport as well as heavy-duty applications
  • Ultra-low step unit and wide-opening doors
  • Upon request: Double co-driver’s seat
  • Cab extension also possible



Width 2240 mm

Depth 1620 mm

Height 1585 mm

Seats2 persons


When teamwork is vital

With a comfortable row of four seats with three-point safety belts in the rear and the optional second co-driver’s seat, the four-door crew cab has enough space for a maximum of seven persons. This crew cab thus has the largest interior volume of this vehicle class. Cargo and crew can be conveniently transported to the place of work or deployment in a single vehicle, saving time and costs. It is therefore ideally suited to use by workshops, the utilities sector or emergency services, such as the technical relief service or fire service.

The benefits at a glance:

  • Elongated cab as crew cab with four doors and six seats (optional: seven)
  • Cargo and crew can be transported in one vehicle
  • Specially designed for workshops, the utilities sector or emergency services
  • UVV and professional association requirements taken into account



Width 2240 mm

Depth 2785 mm

Height 1645 mm

Seats6 persons


A multi-talented wonder on wheels

The L cab is truly multi-talented and can be used in all manner of applications. The cab is ideal for all tank and silo vehicles, as well as for transporting timber, construction materials and refrigerated goods. Thanks to the low overall vehicle height and weight, the L cab has a higher payload compared to larger models. The narrow outer width also guarantees optimum manoeuvring when space is restricted. With the L cab, there’s space for everything. Except for compromises. The comfortable bed comes as standard for restful breaks. A wide range of compartments and generous storage spaces facilitate concentrated, comfortable working.

The benefits at a glance:

  • Long cab: ideal for short-haul and distribution transport as well as heavy-duty applications
  • Flexible superstructure capability
  • Low access height
  • Optimum manoeuvring thanks to narrow width
  • High payload



Width 2240 mm

Depth 2280 mm

Height 1645 mm


2 persons

1 sleeping spaces


For when you need that little bit extra

The narrow LX cab is perfect for payload-intensive special applications in national long-haul transport, for example tank transportation. The aerodynamic vehicle front minimises fuel consumption, while the comparatively lower unladen weight brings significant advantages in terms of the payload. The LX cab is a work place that the driver can feel good in. The high-quality beds with slatted frame and multi-zone cold foam mattress will make drivers feel like they’re sleeping in their own bed at home. The generous storage space provides plenty of room for luggage and personal items.

The benefits at a glance:

  • Narrow cab with high roof: ideal for special applications in national long-haul transport
  • Flexible usage options
  • Optimized for payload-intensive transportation
  • Comfortable bed as standard for breaks and rests



Width 2240 mm

Depth 2280 mm

Height 1925 mm


2 persons

1 sleeping space

A new lighting concept, greater freedom of movement and a clearly arranged working area, where everything is in the right place: the modernised interior of our MAN TGM leaves no wish unfulfilled.

Highlights of the MAN TGM

Practical driver’s workplace
  • We have completely revised the operating concept in the new MAN TGM, so as to ensure you never lose track: the MAN TipMatic® rotary switch has been moved to the centre, making it more easily accessible. Additional switches have been grouped together by their function, and have been arranged depending on their usage frequency. Important tips and warning messages are now even easier to recognise on the new high-definition colour display; enabling you to react more quickly.
Comfortable area of retreat
  • Always on hand: all the switches for the interior lighting, the window regulators and the sliding roof can now be easily reached from any sleeping position. Plug sockets for mobile phones, tablets and televisions can now also be found at an operable distance. Your personal belongings can also be stowed in the generous stowage compartments on the rear wall.
Even more space for you
  • The new refrigerator module can be stored completely under the bed, so you are able to make better use of your work space, and to leave additional room free for you. This means that you not only have a refreshing drink to hand at any time, but also that you have considerably more freedom to stand up and move around.
New worlds of color
  • The warm sand and grey tones of the interior leave you feeling good on both long and short journeys alike. Our “Urban Concrete” palette is incredibly forgiving and is therefore highly recommended for frequent, dirty assignment conditions. An altogether cleaner affair is the new cup holder: thanks to the internal spring holder, it will no longer tip over, even when taking corners or on uneven terrain.
Pioneering networking thanks to the new on-board telematics module (RIO-Box)
  • The RIO-Box is your entry into the world of Logistics 4.0, and comes on board as standard. It integrates vehicle information with digital value-adding services, raising the efficiency of your transport processes to a whole new level.

Reducing your costs is a priority for us, and you can save on every journey with our innovative efficiency systems, even if you just roll with it.

We work hard every day to ensure you are able to get the maximum profitability from your truck. Our GPS controlled EfficientCruise® cruise control means you consume up to 6% less fuel by proactively calculating the local topography and selecting the most appropriate speed at any time. Thanks to the MAN EfficientRoll gearbox function, our MAN TGM switches gear autonomously on slight downhill inclines, to neutral position, allowing our all-rounder to make optimal use its rolling capability.

Experience a new dimension of profitability with the efficiency systems from MAN.

MAN TipMatic®

Prevention is the best protection: Our safety and driver assistance systems warn you about critical situations, so you are able to adapt your driving accordingly.

Our security and assistance systems ensure you won’t get thrown off course as quickly any more: thanks to the ESP and numerous other applications, you will always have complete control of your vehicle, even under the most difficult of conditions. Trust our technical expertise and discover our optional and standard safety and driver assistance systems.

  • Electronic stability program (ESP)
  • MAN BrakeMatic® electronic brake system (optional)
  • Advanced Emergency Brake Assist (EBA)
  • Lane Guard System (LGS)
  • Electronic Brake System (EBS)
  • Anti-lock braking system (ABS)
  • Digital axle load display (optional)