The latest MAN Lion’s Coach was delivered to Ukraine

The leader of the bus passenger transport “Euroclub” once again relies on MAN!

Today, bus transportation is a serious competitor to rail and air transport not only in price, but also in comfort and quality of service.

Since June 11, 2017, Ukrainian citizens have received a long-awaited opportunity to travel to the Schengen countries in the “visa-free” mode. In turn, the visa-free regime of Ukraine with the EU significantly influenced the development of the tourism industry and the transport industry. The volume of passenger traffic in Ukraine has grown rapidly by more than 30%.

The Euroclub passenger operator will allow many Ukrainians to take advantage of the visa-free regime. The company occupies a leading position among the passenger carriers of Ukraine since 1999, and carries out regular, comfortable bus flights to Germany, Austria, Hungary and Poland.

Euroclub is actively integrating into the global passenger transport system, while regularly updating and modernizing its fleet in accordance with existing EU norms and standards.

And now, implementing the bus fleet expansion program, in 2017 the Euroclub company was one of the first in Europe to sign a contract for the supply of a new model of MAN Lion’s Coach bus. The next delivery was made by the official dealer of MAN Truck and Bas Ukraine company “AVANTI Group”. This choice is not accidental for Euroclub, since the company has been using new MAN buses since 2016, and this year it is the second delivery.

It is noteworthy that this time the new MAN Lion’s Coach will go to the company’s park just a month after the world premiere at Busworld 2017 in Kortrijk. because a few words need to say about him.

The new MAN can be immediately recognized by the expressive design and daytime running lights of corporate design, which also function as direction indicators. Also, the head light equipment was first made on LEDs, providing significantly more brightness in comparison with halogen lamps.

The new design of the bus is aimed not only at aesthetics. 20% improved body aerodynamics for fuel savings.

MAN also did not disregard passengers. Improved ergonomics of the space in the cabin gives a feeling of spaciousness, and tinted windows and soft LED light create a cozy atmosphere.

It offers passengers on board modern multimedia devices with LCD monitors, a kitchen and a bathroom. The carrier will also provide passengers with access to the Internet via Wi-Fi, and all 57 seats are already equipped with individual USB connectors for charging devices.

Summing up, it should be noted that all this becomes available to Ukrainian passengers due to the tireless work of the Euroclub company on improving the quality of services and services for its customers. We wish them to continue to be in the forefront of passenger traffic, opening new horizons of quality for Ukrainian tourists.