Based on the old principle: prepare a sled in the summer, then it is better to buy a universal tipper truck, which can also serve as a grain truck for agricultural production, even before the sowing begins. For these purposes, we recommend developed by the production company Polycar grain truck MAN. This is not the first project that our company completed with our business partner, supplier of commercial vehicles, special equipment and bodybuilder Polycar. Last year, together were presented a MAN grain carrier and an ambulance based on MAN TGE.

In this project, the chassis of a MAN TGX 33.430 automobile with a 420 hp diesel engine, a manual gearbox, and a 6 × 4 wheel arrangement is used as a base. A reliable three-axle chassis car, positioned as a truck with increased load-carrying capacity and cross-country ability.

The cargo compartment of this car is equipped with a dump truck type with dimensions (in mm) of 6700x2500x1500. The body structure has:

  • increased strength characteristics. Reinforcing elements are used in the underbody, made of steel profiles;
  • tipping mechanism with hydraulic drive. The possibility of tipping the body in two directions (to the right and to the left);
  • side fences of the body are made in the form of movable, quick-folding sectional structures. A metal sheet was used for sheathing the floor of the body with a thickness of 3 mm, sheathing of the side part is a steel sheet of 2 mm;
  • locks for fixing the body in transport position;
  • a platform with a folding mechanism for the deployment and folding of the awning covering the body. The awning is provided in a complete set of the grain truck;
  • a platform with a folding mechanism for expanding and folding the awning covering the body. The awning is provided in a complete set of the grain truck;
  • to control unloading is using the remote control;
  • locking elements in the upper part of the body.

In the manufacture of the tipper body for this development were guided by the principle of “two in one.” That is, it can be used both as a standard grain truck with the ability to load the transported product in bulk, and as a truck for transporting big bags (Euro containers, bags with a capacity of up to 1 ton). So, a versatile vehicle for solving a wide range of tasks is obtained.

For loading big bags and other types of cargo, the car is equipped with a crane with the following technical characteristics:

  • maximum load capacity 4.31 t;
  • maximum reach of an arrow of 7.9 m;
  • maximum load capacity with a full reach of an arrow of 1,085 t;
  • angle of rotation of an arrow 390º.

Model used in the design of the lifting device FASSI F95.0.22. The crane-manipulator installation is located behind the rear wall of the tipper body, has two hydraulic supports for the distribution of weight and fulcrum. All structural elements of grain carriers have a durable anti-corrosion coating, the car is perfectly adapted for use in difficult weather conditions. Reliability and reliability of the vehicle design are guaranteed.

Source – https://polycar.com.ua/zernovozy/.