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“AVANTI Group” – the official dealer of MAN in Ukraine

MAN trucks (Maschinen-fabrik Augsburg-Nurnberg) are deservedly in demand among a huge number of motorists who know how to appreciate high-quality and reliable equipment. MAN products occupy leading positions in the commercial market and this demand is caused in this transport, first of all, by safety, as well as by the compliance of the manufactured goods with all the required European standards and norms.

MAN Ukraine – how to find reliable product representatives in the domestic market

With the growing popularity of branded trucks in Ukraine, distributors of this concern began to appear more and more often, one of which is the official dealer of MAN – LLC AVANTI Group.

For 20 years, our company has won and continues to gain the trust of customers in the commercial market. Cooperating with us, any entrepreneur has the opportunity to buy a truck or a MAN bus with maximum benefit and comfort. The advantage of AVANTI Group, as the official representative of MAN, is that with our help you can not only make a purchase of any of the presented types of transport, but also get all the necessary services related to warranty, repair or service.

Purchase of MAN cars: financing methods

In the sales department, if necessary, you will be provided with all the relevant information about the vehicle that you plan to purchase or select the product, fully under all your parameters and expectations. In addition, customers are always given the most convenient way of financing, among which there are car purchases on credit or through leasing. Such conditions allow the buyer to develop their own business without large cash costs.

Service of MAN equipment in Ukraine

The AVANTI Group service center is equipped with high-quality repair equipment and tools, thanks to which our qualified craftsmen are ready to help in the event of any problem and to cope with it in a short time. If you intend to fix the damage yourself, then in any case, visit our official website and ask for a preliminary consultation with a competent employee.

MAN Ukraine – official site

The AVANTI Group website contains a huge amount of useful information about all the nuances of the enterprise’s activities. Our official website man equipment, will appeal to anyone interested in quality German products. It also contains information about all aspects of the enterprise’s activity and about team members. The employees of the company, thanks to their valuable knowledge and vast experience, are able to satisfy any wishes of the customer and find the most effective transport solution for him, which will help in the development and prosperity of his own business.

We always have attractive offers for the purchase of trucks, buses, tractors or the necessary spare parts. In order to have time to take advantage of any discounts or promotions, you just need to carefully follow the updates of the official website of man and, if any, immediately contact the experts of our organization for help or professional advice.